ABOUT OUR Long range wireless GPRS & 3G

Perfect for taxis, mobile businesses, companies that offer delivery, participate in trade shows and any other business that needs to process payments on the go. Our portable, long-range wireless terminals work just like a cellular phone, using both GPRS & 3G technology.

Verifone VX 680 3G

Carry brilliance and complete transactions in a small, portable device – the VX 680. Merchants on the move, from delivery services and stadium vendors to restaurant pay-at-the-table service providers can process on-the-spot transactions with minimal consumer waiting time. The VX 680 boasts a powerful processor for ultimate processing speed. Merchants using the VX 680 keep lines moving so consumers don’t have to wait.  Comes with a 3.5″ touch display of vibrant color and backed by the VX Evolution platform.

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Verifone VX 670 GPRS

The Vx 670 all-in-one wireless handheld payment device moves payments from countertops to the hands of consumers. It’s small, sleek and secure, The GPRS, technology is ideal for restaurants, bars, stadiums and delivery or transportation operations. The Vx 670 offers a large user interface, white backlit display and large keys.  It’s also ruggedly designed to be drop and spill resistant and withstand demanding conditions. The powerful chip processor completes transactions in seconds, making it highly valuable to waiting consumers. The Vx 670 comes with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery which can be quickly swapped with one hand and features a hidden integrated printer with a dual-tear bar that quickly produces receipts.

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Verifone Optimum M4230 GPRS

Optimum M4230 is a unique mobile device that offers GPRS connectivity in a compact design. The Optimum M4230 incorporates a removable, extra long-life battery for extended use between charges and it can be re-charged by connecting the charger directly into the device or through an optional charging dock that includes dial backup. This device provides the best of both worlds with optimum portability and security.
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